I wanna talk about me

Three cheers for letting it all hang out… With Christmas, my birthday, and New Years coinciding, late December is always the perfect time for me to make real, concrete life changes. And perhaps if I put my goals online this year, I’ll be incentivized to keep them! I will preface, however, that each year, I have been gradually feeling happier and happier. Life has become an elixir of ACIM x Mindfulness x Kundalini x EFT. I have to give a big thanks to my friend Claire, who introduced me to Gala Darling, who introduced me to the Emotional Freedom Technique, a.k.a. tapping. I even paid a ridiculous amount for Gala’s admittedly well-worth-it series Tap That.

★My Self-Care Arsenal, a collection of books and beings, including A Course in Miracles, Marianne Williamson (the audiobook for A Return To Love is life changing!), Gala Darling (who inspires me to love all things pink and to “dream big”) and her book Radical Self Love, Emily of Eat Glitter, Mandy Caruso of Beautilation, who I used to take drawing lessons from and can confirm that she is 1000% as cool as she is online, short kundalini kriyas, Ella Fitzgerald for when I’m feeling sad, crystals, making lists and writing notes, Sacral chakra incense, friends, art galleries, yoga with Donna at ISHTA, eating vegan and in line with my dosha (or trying).

☆My daily routine for 2018 will include tapping, practicing Kundalini, and reading ACIM. My goals include cultivating my personal style, drawing/collaging/painting/editing photos for at least 3 hours/week, going to yoga at least 3x/week, being less obsessed with my phone, being mindful ALL THE TIME, and GETTING A JOB. xx






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